Front-end Development Portfolio

Succeed online with a website that is fast, easy to use, and built with best practices and a passion for design.

I was the designer and front-end developer for the initial Pet Plate website in 2015 and worked closely with the company as it grew over a period of 5 years, eventually becoming Lead Front-end Developer. By early 2020, Pet Plate had successfully raised a total investment fund of $13 million dollars.

Pet Plate screenshot

Red Six Media approached me to develop an interactive and smooth front-end experience for the LSU - Football Operations Facility Expansion. The project required solutions to produce a website that matched the detailed designs and interactivity concepts provided by Red Six Media whilst remaining fast to use across a wide range of devices.

CSS3 Foundations is a book I wrote in 2012 guiding readers through the process of using CSS3 features and techniques to take a basic website template and turn it into a real-world, modern and future proof website. It was published in paperback and digital formats by Wiley and later translated to Chinese. It was well received with a review score of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon.

On the Kellogg's Special K - Strong Feeds Strong project I was tasked to convert provided designs into a responsive WordPress theme with functionality such as multiple languages, galleries, hero slider, featured articles, AJAX post loading, and more.

Sequence.js is the most ambitious side-project I've made, combining all of my web experience to produce designs for the website and ready-made themes, JavaScript development for the smooth and cross-browser animation framework, along with utilising my knowledge of promoting a product on the web and gaining it high levels of exposure.

REMIXED put their trust in me to develop the digital representation of their agency. I produced a website that matched the exacting details of the provided designs, was performant on many different devices and browsers, and easy to update with the latest portfolio items and company information.

Hover.css is an open source project I released in early 2014 and have continued to update with new effects and improvements. The project is popular amongst the open source community and at the time of writing, has been starred on GitHub over 22,000 times and forked over 5000.

The client came to me having created a prototype for the website, aware that they were going to face performance issues that needed careful consideration. I worked closely with Project6 Design to produce their vision in a way that achieved good performance despite the many interactions and large assets.

Having based their site on a technique I demonstrated in a blog tutorial in 2012, TIGI International asked me to develop the JavaScript functionality of the TIGI - Hair Reborn website. There were a large amount of animations that meant maintaining performance was top priority.