Sequence.js Launch! The Unique CSS3 Powered Slider


Today I launched a jQuery plugin I’ve been working on for the last few months. It’s a slider plugin call Sequence and it’s unlike any other.

Sequence doesn’t work out of the box. That sounds bad right? Usually when you install a slider plugin, it looks and functions pretty much the same across however many sites it’s installed on. Not Sequence!

Not a single installation of Sequence ever has to be the same. Using only CSS3, you can style not just the looks of your website’s slider but it’s transitions too. Take a look at some of the demos:

Sequence Theme - Modern Slide In

Sequence Theme - Sliding Horizontal Parallax

Sequence Theme - Apple Style

You can achieve an infinite amount of styles, transitions and effects using the latest web technologies. Rotate, fade, skew, 3D transform, parallax effects, you name it. Finally…you have creative freedom but still all the functionality you expect from a slider plugin.

Sequence also supports touch devices and responsive designs. It’s not just about the cool stuff though. Sequence also works in browsers that don’t support CSS3 using graceful fallbacks that can also be customised.

Sequence is an open source project, so if you have feedback or would like to collaborate, follow the project on GitHub.

I’ll be posting a tutorial very soon to demonstrate how you can use Sequence to make your own slider theme.

Written by Ian Lunn

is a WordPress & Front-end Developer producing high quality responsive websites and exceptional user experience. Author of CSS3 Foundations and creator of Hover.css & Sequence.js.

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