Launch of Front-end Development Store

Front-end web development can be a pain. Your client asks for something simple, assumes it's a quick job, yet often that isn't the case. Perhaps you can put together the necessary CSS, HTML, and JavaScript quickly, but are you building it in the most maintainable way? Does it work in all of your target browsers? We've known front-end development is more time-consuming than it needs to be for some time and to work around that, the community has produced a lot of timesaving libraries, frameworks, and snippets. Despite this, there are plenty of times where I'm building something and think, this is something unique that others could use. If I could make it a little more extensive outside of the usual time constraints of a client project, it could save me and other developers time in the future. That's why I've launched a store on my website.

Products on sale at launch
Products on sale at launch

I'll be selling simple front-end related components comprising of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If it's a useful combination of code in a project, I'll extend it into a well-documented and customisable component for sale in the store. My focus will be on simplicity for both users and developers, browser compatibility, and performance.

Currently I have Hover.css and Sequence.js in the store which have been available on other platforms for a good few years. All items added to the store will continue to be open-source and free for personal use or made available under a paid license for commercial use. This seems to me like the best way forward as those wanting to learn from code, use it for charity sites etc, still can, but selling licenses for commercial use will allow more time to spend on improving and creating new products.

Useful? Buy me a coffeeUseful? Buy me a coffee

Ian Lunn is a Front-end Developer with 12 years commercial experience, author of CSS3 Foundations, and graduate of Internet Technology. He creates successful websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with best practices.