Mazwai – Free and Top Quality Stock Video Library


Looking for top quality video footage for your project? Check out Mazwai, a library of free and high quality stock video made available under an Attribution license (CC BY 3.0). Unlike most libraries, each video is carefully sourced, so although the library isn’t huge, each video is beautiful. Ideal for your open-source projects courtesy of the creative commons license.


I came across Mazwai several months ago and am pleased to see lots of videos have been added since.

More information about each video and its license can be found by clicking the video’s download button.

Written by Ian Lunn

is a freelance Web Designer & Front-end Developer. Providing quality user experience through responsive web design and performant front-end development. Creator of open-source projects Sequence.js and Hover.css, and author of CSS3 Foundations.


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